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Winnovative Software - Questions and Answers

For technical and sales questions please check this web page before contacting us. The answer to your question might be here already.

Sales Questions

Q: What is the difference between a Deployment and a Redistributable license?

Q: What type of payment methods do you support?

Q: What do you deliver after purchase?

Q: Do you work with resellers?

Q: Do you have any discounts for non-profit organizations?

Q: Are the licenses for your products perpetual?

Q: Under which circumstances I can distribute your component as part of my application to my own clients?

Q: What refund policy do you have?

Technical Questions - HTML to PDF Conversion

Q: I set the purchased license in my code but I still get a red demo message on the generated PDF documents.

Q: When I convert an URL to PDF I get the "Load HTML error or navigation timeout" exception.

Q: When I convert a HTML string to PDF, the external CSS files and images are not applied in the rendered PDF document.

Q: Sometimes the asynchronous content like an AJAX update panel is not rendered in PDF. Is there any option to wait for this content to be completeley loaded before rendering the PDF?

Q: The images and texts appear to be smaller than they are in the HTML document and for other HTML documents the content is rendered in the left side of the document and is not centered.

Q: For some HTML documents, the HTML content appears as truncated at the right side of the PDF page. How can I make the whole HTML content to fit the PDF page width?

Q: For some HTML documents there is an additional margin at the top and left sides of the HTML document. How can I remove those additional margins?

Q: When I convert a web page I get an "Out of Memory" exception.

Q: When I convert a web page I get the "Navigation timeout" exception.

Q: When I try to convert a web page I get the "Could not start conversion. WinApi error code 5" exception.

Q: Can the converter be used in Windows Azure?

Q: Can the converter be used with on 64-bit Windows servers?

Q: Which versions of the .NET Framework does the converter support?

Q: Can the converter convert HTTPS (SSL secured) URLs ?

Q: How can I obtain the HTML string from a web page and convert it to PDF?

Q: Is the ASP.NET session data available in the converted ASP.NET page during conversion?

Q: Does the converter use during conversion the session cookies stored in the current web browser session when the converter is called from an ASP.NET application?

Q: Does the HTML to PDF converter support authentication when used in ASP.NET application?

Q: How can I control the page breaks in the resulted PDF document?

Q: How can I specify to the converter to not break (keep together on the same page) a HTML region between PDF pages?

Q: Some images are cut off between PDF pages? Is there any option to avoid this?

Q: How can I automatically repeat the header and footer of a long HTML table on each PDF page where the table is rendered?

Q: Can the converter render a HTML string or an URL in the header and footer of the generated PDF document?

Q: Is it possible to have different content in the header (or footer) of different PDF pages?

Q: How can I add many HTML documents into the same PDF document?

Q: Can I disable the HTTP links from the generated PDF document?

Q: What type of fonts does the converter support and how can I embed the fonts in the generated PDF document?

Q: I installed a true type font on the server but the converter is still using a default font instead of the installed font.

Q: The Unicode characters are not displayed or they are incorrectly displayed for some fonts.

Q: Does the converter support right-to-left and complex script languages (Arabic, Hebrew, Indic, Thai, etc) and East Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)?

Q: How can I control the images quality in PDF?

Q: Can I open the generated PDF document directly into a browser window instead of displaying the Open/Save dialog in browser?

Q: How can I execute a JavaScript code (Acrobat JavaScript) when the PDF document is opened in the viewer?

Q: How can I make the PDF viewer to automatically go to a specified page when the PDF document is opened in the viewer?

Q: How can I append external PDF documents to the PDF document resulted after conversion?

Q: How can I specify a custom PDF page size for the generated PDF document?

Q: How can I use the HTML to PDF converter library from .NET 1.1 applications or from PHP applications?

Q: How do I perform a conversion to Landscape page orientation?

Q: When I converted a web page containing a frameset tag only the top part of the page was rendered in PDF.

Q: Can I deploy my ASP.NET application using the HTML to PDF Converter on a shared server?

Q: The exception "System.Security.SecurityException: Request failed" or the exception "System.Security.SecurityException: Request for the permission of type ... failed" is thrown by converter.

Q: After I have installed IE9 some of the transparent PNG images are rendered blurred in PDF and some of the table borders are rendered as black in PDF even if they have a different color in the HTML document.