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Winnovative HTML to PDF Converter

The HTML to PDF Converter for .NET is a library that can be used in any type of .NET application, including ASP.NET web sites and Windows Forms applications, to convert URLs, HTML strings and streams to PDF, to SVG or to images. The library is compatible with .NET 2.0, .NET 4.0 and later.

The converter offers full support for HTML tags, CSS3, JavaScript, SVG, Canvas, page breaks control, media type rules, repeating HTML table header and footer, live links in PDF, bookmarks, HTML in PDF document header and footer.

HTML to PDF Converter for .NET

The HTML to PDF Converter is not using a printer driver and no special settings are necessary on the server in order to get it working. The same assembly works both in 32-bit and 64-bit environments and xcopy deployment on the server is supported.

The library was designed and tested to work reliably in multithreaded environments and in high traffic websites.

We offer full C# and VB.NET samples for ASP.NET, Windows Forms and WPF in the downloaded archive.

See More Features and Online demo pages.

Download now a full trial version.

The live demo below shows the main features of the Winnovative HTML to PDF Converter and allows you to convert a web page accessible from Internet to a PDF document or to an image. The PDF documents generated by this live demo are limited to 20 PDF pages. In order to convert larger HTML documents please download the evaluation version which does not have any limitation.

HTML to PDF Converter

HTML to PDF Converter Live Demo

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See our Full Online Demo Application or Download Free Trial Version for a fully featured evaluation.

Winnovative Toolkit for .NET


The Winnovative tools can be purchased individually or in collections named toolkits. When you purchase a toolkit you get a big discount compared to purchasing each tool separately. There are three types of toolkits: Winnovative Toolkit Total for .NET is the collection of all our tools for generating PDF documents, Excel documents and Web Charts. The Toolkit Total comprises both the tools from Winnovative PDF Toolkit PRO and from Winnovative Reporting Toolkit.

Winnovative PDF Toolkit for .NET
Winnovative PDF Toolkit PRO for .NET comprises the HTML to PDF Converter, RTF to PDF Converter, PDF Viewers for ASP.NET and Windows Forms, PDF Security, PDF Merge and PDF Split libraries, PDF to Text Converter and PDF Images Extractor. With these tools you can easily create great looking PDF documents with complex formatting.

See Detailed PDF Tools Features.

Winnovative Reporting Toolkit for .NET
Winnovative Reporting Toolkit for .NET comprises the HTML to PDF Converter library for .NET, the Excel library for .NET and the WebChart control for ASP.NET. With these tools you can easily create great looking PDF and Excel reports with charts and complex formatting.

A typical usage scenario of this powerful toolkit is to design your report as an ASP.NET web page containing WebChart controls and then to convert this web page to PDF using the HTML to PDF Converter. The Excel Library also allows the creation of Excel documents containing various types of charts.

See Detailed Reporting Tools Features.

Winnovative Free Online and Desktop Tools

Winnovative Free Online and Desktop Tools comprises a Free HTML to PDF Online Service which you can use to convert web pages to PDF using a solution hosted on our server and a Free HTML to PDF Desktop Application that you can download on your computer to convert HTML documents, Web Pages and HTML strings to PDF.
Winnovative Free Tools
  • Free Online HTML to PDF Service - convert HTML documents and web page to PDF online using a service based on Winnovative HTML to PDF Converter library for .NET and hosted on our server
  • Free HTML to PDF Desktop Application - download on your computer a .NET desktop application based on Winnovative HTML to PDF Converter library for .NET to convert HTML documents, web pages and HTML strings to PDF or to raster images without using any online service. The converter has advanced support for HTML5, CSS3, SVG, JavaScript and Web Fonts