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ChartType Enumeration

Winnovative Web Chart
This enumeration lists the types of Web Charts that can be generated by the component

Namespace:  Winnovative
Assembly:  Winnovative.WebChart (in Winnovative.WebChart.dll) Version: (

public enum ChartType

  Member nameValueDescription
Bars0 Bar chart
HorizontalBars1 Horizontal bar chart
Surface2 Surface chart
Line3 Line chart
Pie4 Pie chart
Scatter5 Scatter chart
Radar6 Radar chart
Doughnut7 Doughnut chart
Curve8 Curve chart
CurveSurface9 Curve surface chart
StackedBars10 Stacked bar chart
StackedHorizontalBars11 Stacked horizontal bar chart
StackedSurface12 Stacked surface chart
StackedLine13 Stacked line chart
StackedCurve14 Stacked curve chart
StackedCurveSurface15 Stacked curve surface chart
Bars3D16 3D Bar chart
HorizontalBars3D17 3D horizontal bar chart
Surface3D18 3D surface chart
Line3D19 3D line chart
Pie3D20 3D pie chart
Doughnut3D21 3D doughnut chart
Curve3D22 3D curve chart
CurveSurface3D23 3D curve surface chart
StackedBars3D24 3D stacked bar chart
StackedHorizontalBars3D25 3D stacked horizontal bar chart
Cylinders3D26 Cylinders 3D
HorizontalCylinders3D27 Horizontal cylinders 3D
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