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Getting Started with PDF Viewer Control for .NET Windows Forms




The Winnovative PDF Viewer Control for .NET Windows Forms can be used in a Windows Forms application to display a PDF document inside a form and allows the application users to browse and print the PDF document. The viewer requires Adobe Reader to be installed on the client computer in order to work properly.

The Winnovative PDF Viewer Control for .NET Windows Forms is delivered as a single assembly PdfViewerWinNet.dll. The main class defined by this assembly is the PdfViewer class.


Adding the PDF Viewer Control to the Microsoft Visual Studio Toolbox

First of all you have to add the  control from PdfViewerWinNet.dll to the Visual Studio toolbox. To do this you right click on the toolbox panel and select 'Choose Items'. You browse to the PdfViewerWinNet.dll and the PdfViewer control should have been added in the toolbox panel. To use the control in a form of your Windows Forms application you simply drag and drop the PdfViewer control from the toolbox on the web page like you would do with any other server control. At this moment you are ready to use the control and display PDF documents inside your form.

Loading a PDF File

A PDF file can loaded into the PDF Viewer control using the LoadFile() method of the PdfViewer class. Here is a simple sample code to load the PDF file in the viewer in Load event handler of the parent form:
1:         private void MainForm_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
2:         {
3:             string demoFilePath = System.IO.Path.Combine(Application.StartupPath, 
4:             pdfViewer1.LicenseKey = 
5:             if (System.IO.File.Exists(demoFilePath))
6:             {
7:                 pdfViewer1.LoadFile(demoFilePath);
8:             }
9:         }
After you have loaded the PDF file in the viewer you can programmatically navigate to a page of the document, print the PDF document with or without the print dialog, set the zoom percentage, show or hide the viewer toolbar, etc. A full description of all the viewer methods can be found in the API Reference document PdfViewerWinNet.chm.

Running the Samples

The samples are located in the Samples folder. To run the samples, open the projects with the Microsoft Visual Studio and run them from there.


The LicenseKey property of the PdfViewer class should be set with the string you received after the purchase of the product.


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