Winnovative PDF Merge Library for .NET Documentation

PDFMergeAppendPDFStream Method (Stream, Int32, Int32)

Winnovative PDF Merge Library for .NET
Appends at most length pages from the specified source document starting from zero based index startIndex in the source document.

Namespace:  Winnovative.PDFMerge
Assembly:  wnvpdfmerge (in wnvpdfmerge.dll) Version: (

public void AppendPDFStream(
	Stream pdfStream,
	int startIndex,
	int length


Type: System.IOStream
The PDF stream to be appended
Type: SystemInt32
The zero based index of the page from the source document from where to start appending pages
Type: SystemInt32
The number of pages to be taken from the source document and appended to the merged document. If the specified length is bigger than the available number of pages starting from the specified start page index, only the available number of pages will be appended.
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